delicious cookies for everyone!

REAL friends bake REAL good cookies.

our story

We love food that tastes great and makes us feel energetic and healthy! We also LOVE cookies! As lifelong friends, we wanted to share cookies that everyone in our families could eat despite dietary restrictions or allergies.  We couldn’t find any that tasted like the real thing, so we created these best tasting healthy cookies ourselves!

Seriously, it’s real. Really REAL. No artificial ingredients you can’t pronounce, NO gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, corn or soy.  I think you get the point; just pure, simple ingredients made with love by REAL friends, so we can all enjoy them together! What are you waiting for? Taste tested and approved by the pickiest of our friends and family. Take a bite and share some real cookies with the real people you care about.

With Love,

Your friends at Get REAL Foods

‘I was shocked when my kids preferred them to the cookies I was making at home’

- Joan W