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available flavors

chocolate chip

REAL chocolate chip cookies have slightly crispy edges and are chewy inside with perfect texture, sweetness and chocolaty flavor. This was our first creation and earned us the claim “the best healthy cookie on earth.” Nobody had any idea that these cookies were healthy, grain-free and gluten-free…. Just that they were delicious and decadent!

peanut butter chocolate chip

This classic peanut butter cookie will satisfy the peanut butter lover in you. It is amped up with chocolate chips to make it even more decadent and delicious! You would have no idea these cookies are grai- free, gluten-free and healthy!

lemon blueberry

Summer blueberries brightened by a hint of lemon and enhanced by the gentle sweetness of maple syrup and vanilla. A delicate and delicious treat any time of day, even for breakfast! These cookies are so delicious, you would have no idea they are grai- free, glute- free and healthy!

All flavors available as 18 single-serve packs in a carton (2 cookies per serving).